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Skyrocket your carreer

If you are a professional, an entrepeneur, a consultant, an artist or even a college or university student, this is the best way to ascend faster in the path of your own success.

What are the benefits of a professional digital branding of yourself?

These are the main advantages of working on your personal digital presence as a professional.

Earn more money

When you build a solid and active professional branding presence of yourself, it's inevitable to end earning more money as a result of ascending, being hired or selling more of your own products or services.

Be seen as an authority

We will line up a strategy that will give you authority among your peers. It's not a matter of knowing more but share more of what you already know or even learning.  

Get more ideas.

This process and your continue use of the strategy built for you and with you, will give you great practice in coming with more and exciting new ideas.

Be safe for the future

Working on the digital branding of yourself as a professional will give you a better ground for the future. The great thing of this strategy is that it makes you better and better over time.

Stand out of the market

The market being wherever you want to succeed : an industry, a state, the company you're currently working, your own consulting service or even among your peers. This is guarranteed to make you stand out.

In less than a month we will not only have a strategy but actually start your online omnipresence and authority.

We have four steps to get you on track. But the best of this service is that we do all the first content and configurations for you, and with you, after your personal strategy and training is held.
So those first steps that win over the inertia or procastination are totally solved with us as your execution arm.  

Step 1: Your digital brand assessment - First Planning

Step 2: Online Channel Strategy and Content Ideas.

Step 3:  Set up of all digital platform and first content creations.

Step 4: Your first publishings and strategy execution.

Your own digital platform ready to use. 

We will set up your own digital platform presence, including your own web for blogging / videoblogging, fully connected with your PROFESSIONAL social media accounts (not the personal ones where you should keep your family and friends in separate cords)

Complete and easy-to-use digital platform

Blog , webinar and mail marketing capabilities, if applicable to your personal strategy.

Totally connected to social media and scheduled publishing programming.

We work with you PERSONALLY. This is NOT a recorded video program

We will work with you via online video calls, sharing our screens and giving you working material that we will review together. There is no "one fits all" strategies. Because of the personal nature of this program, spots are limited, so hurry up!

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This program has been designed and created by: 

12 years in J.W. Thompson as Associated Creative Director, trained by the company in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Internet Marketing Management with the Direct Marketing Association in New York.  Juan Carlos adds more than 17 years of experience in Digital Marketing, being also a Speaker and Professor in several events and programs for universities and different industry knowledge events. ​​​​​​​

Juan Carlos Orosco

Cynthia graduated from San Ignacio University with a degree in Marketing, specialized in Market Research and Consumer Behaviour.  As co-founder of Green Octopus she has attended several satisfied clients in Peru, Mexico, United States and even France, as a consultant. Being also a profesor in San Ignacio University she has helped to design this program to be practical, result oriented, insightful and fun.

Cynthia Villar

Kike Gaona has been a Marketing Director in a major tv broadcast company  in Peru called ATV and was also a Country Manager in the prestigious  influencer marketing company FLUVIP. He has been in contact with lots of celebrities and have a great view of how to use social media depending on your personal abilities and strenghts. He has been a great asset on the design of this program.

Kike Gaona

These experts had been creating and executing branding campaigns for major brands as shown lines above and some of its executives. Now they have created this special program for persons like you and me

Investment for this 3.5 week program


$ 2,499


You'll SAVE 300 dollars over the two payment alternative and 500 dollars over the three payment alternative. You will also have top priority in scheduled sessions and customer service.


$ 1,399


You'll save 200 dollars over the three payment dollar alternative and have the investment divided in two months, although you'll have the complete service already fulfilled.


$ 999


You'll have the investment divided in three months, although you'll have completed the program and started to gain on all its benefits.

The program lasts 3.5 weeks. You can choose to continue with us and the monthly rate will depend of the amount of tasks we'll be doing for/with you. No strings attached. 
​​​​​​​Or you can keep fulfilling your strategy on your own. No further charges.

Have any questions?
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This consulting service allows you to build a digital branding strategy of yourself as a professional, giving you a  step by step compelling presence in the digital world.  We will do this for you, making everything ready and published . You will have the ability to follow through for yourself or keep us serving you as advisors and executing arm. It's always your choice. No ties of any kind. We look forward to your complete satisfaction.

Get ready for a personal breaktrhough in the digital world